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[accordion] [spoiler title=”What does MAPP do? “] MAPP measures an individual’s potential and motivation for given areas of work, and describes their temperament, aptitude, vocational interests and learning style preferences. The MAPP technology classifies, codes and identifies every kind of job and every type of person.

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The MAPP™ Career Assessment Test

The MAPP™ career test is the first and most comprehensive career test online for consumers.

More than 7 million people in nearly every country in the world have taken the MAPP test since its inception in 1995. It’s been translated into 15 languages.

15 Minutes. . . Tons of Career Insights

The 15-minute MAPP test comprises 71 different triads, or three statements. You simply choose which one you would most prefer or least prefer, with one left blank. Since there are so many different combinations of answers, there are literally more than a trillion trillion different test results – more than there are people in the world

MAPP™ Test Validity & Reliability Studies

The MAPP career assessment has undergone extensive validity and reliability testing, including correlating the results to the Strong Interest Inventory.
However, unlike the Strong Interest Inventory, the MAPP test can be taken and read by consumers without having to engage the services of a professional.

Validity Studies

The first validity study, conducted with 30 subjects in 1997, yielded correlations that suggest similarity between the MAPP and the Strong Interest Inventory. Occupational matches between the two tests ranged from 50 to 90 percent with a median correlation of 67 percent.

A second validity study with a larger sample of 133 people primarily employed in technology positions was conducted to compare the MAPP career test with the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory. The results of this study found that occupational preferences predicted by the MAPP were substantially similar to those predicted by the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory.

Reliability Studies

Reliability studies conducted with 32 adults employed full-time also indicate that the MAPP test is highly consistent over time. The test-retest reliability outcomes for worker traits came out at 95 percent (95 percent of the time, the outcomes were the same); test-retest reliability outcome for job ratings was 90 percent.
The high correlation was based on the fact that people tend to give the same answer each time they take the test. Test subjects were typically given the test again after a 9 month lapse, and about one-third of the test subjects had experienced a major life change. The test takers ranged in age from 26 to 67 (the median age was 49), and represented 28 different professional occupations.

[spoiler title=”Can MAPP be used with my resume?“] Many individuals have included a copy of their MAPP report with their resume to help “sell” themselves. It’s a great non-biased tool to show a potential employer. A resume often says just what we want it to and never points out our aversions. MAPP is realistic and many employers appreciate having this information for review. When purchasing the Career Seeker and Executive packages you also get the Motivational Qualities Report – summaries of your top 6 motivators written for easy copy & paste paragraph on your resume.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Who uses MAPP?“] MAPP has been taken by over 4.5 million people. The MAPP is used by jobseekers, companies, schools, workforce centers and career coaches. MAPP is used in both small businesses and large corporations. Many independent consultants choose to use MAPP as well. It is a very versatile tool with a lot of depth.
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This Free MAPP ™ Career Assessment Test provides:

  • 20 general Career Areas
  • The opportunity to click & match yourself to 5 careers

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