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EliteProCoach is an all-in-one Career Development Service delivering a variety of services including Premium Resume Writing Services, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Business & Management Consultation as well as Executive Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, and Leadership Development. Whether you are a college student or a C-Level Executive, you will receive industry-leading customized services that cater to individualized requirements, in alignment with target career goals. EliteProCoach is an international service provider for fast-growth, start-up companies, mid-sized and Fortune 500 organizations on a global basis (Australia, China, UK, USA, EMEA, Dubai, Russia, Europe, Canada, Africa, and South America).

We offer the industry’s finest all-inclusive coaching, consultation and recruiting services, with incredible value that is highly recommended by former clients. We are a client-centered service company that is dedicated to providing premium service, enabling each client to identify goals, strengths, strategies, and direction by clearly analyzing individual needs, clarifying situations, enhancing communications, and collaborating effectively to implement action steps based on individualized performance goals. We are based out of New York, and have been delivering highly-recommended coaching services for several years. For the best management consulting and career coaching in New York, turn to EliteProCoach.


Our brand promises transparency, guarantees quality service backed by intellectual competence, and is driven to develop positive change in society starting with one client at a time. We are a well recommended and fully accredited Limited Liability Company out of New York providing Executive Career Coaching & Business Consultation service throughout the US and internationally. Our credentials include:

  • Master of Arts (MA) Columbia University: Business Psychologist
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC)
  • ICF Certified & Credentialed Executive Career Coach (PCC)
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • Top Service Provider on LinkedIn Profinder and Upwork with 100s of recommendations
  • Certified in Collective Intelligences in Organizations; Columbia University


Keith Lawrence Miller, MA, PCC, BCC, CPRW is a transformational service provider of premium resumes, LinkedIn profile optimizations and customized Executive Career Coaching and Business Consultation including 15+ years of client-centered experience in driving significant success across multiple sectors on a global scale from entry-positions up to the C-level at Fortune 500 organizations.

He takes your success seriously, viewing your success as his own. Keith strives to provide his customers with value that consistently exceeds expectations. With his excellent coaching abilities, you are sure to reach your goals and unlock your full professional potential. Successfully delivered over 1,000 resumes, earning a reputation for excellence and establishing top industry credentials, while consistently enabling clients to achieve promotion and career growth.

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EliteProCoach services include Professional Resume Writing Services, Customized Career Coaching Services, LinkedIn Profile Development & Optimization, Interview Coaching, and much more.


Delivering best-in-class, innovative and personalized all-in-one Career Coaching services available by utilizing straight talk, psychological principles to explain situations, well-trained listening and feedback skills, and coaching assessments to generate increased insight into self and the situation, while co-developing action steps to achieve goals rapidly. We set the bar for our industry with years of research, experience, and high-end coaching skills. Our Career Coaching is endorsed by Columbia University Alumni Association, and is recommended to their Alumni to help them reach their goals quickly.

Furthermore and probably most importantly, the goal of the coaching engagement is to coach myself out of a job quickly while enabling you to achieve success on a fast track rather than extending the coaching engagement or upselling services in order to increase revenue. Fortunately, my services are in very high demand, so you will get honest service with integrity that focuses only on your achievements rather than the bottom line.


LinkedIn is the #1 professional website to build power business networks, engage recruiters and hiring managers or grow your existing business. Your profile content and perception is your first impression on your target audience and the wrong impression can cause a significant financial blockage or limit your professional career advancement.

Boost your professional or business profile with the LinkedIn Profile Development and Optimization service which completely transforms and aligns your professional messaging in alignment with your career goals to maximize target market engagement, increase job opportunities and enhance your professional presentation.

Overall, the LinkedIn profile optimization is your online resume which allows you to market your specific brand online across the #1 professional networking site. Over 80% of all recruiters and hiring managers utilize LinkedIn to identify candidates for the positions that they have available and having the right information on your profile allows them to find you similar to a homing beacon. Boosting your professional network allows you access to potential opportunities that would otherwise not be realized and presenting yourself in a professional manner on LinkedIn creates an impression on your target audience. Perception is reality and having the right professional presentation absolutely translates monetarily.

As a highly recommended LinkedIn service provider via LinkedIn Profinder and Upwork, Keith Lawrence Miller offers customized, personalized and unique LinkedIn profile optimization services through a transformative experience that will elevate your career status including advanced content writing and utilization of LinkedIn profile best practices, thus achieving premium status among LinkedIn profile elites.


The EliteProCoach Interview Coaching engagement will prepare you for the interview process with a multiple mock interview format to unlock the situation specific keys for success at acing the interview. The process includes highly collaborative feedback on answers to structured interviewed questions and insight into the perception and perspective of the interviewer while co-developing your unique script to win the job offer. Developing your ability to make the ideal impression during your job interview is our #1 goal. Interviewing skills are a crucial part of your career success. Our Interview Coaching will guide you through various interview practices, and give you the skills and confidence you need to make a lasting first impression.


At EliteProCoach, we understand the challenges faced by today’s upcoming executives, and the importance of fine-tuned leadership skills. We know that the transition into a leadership role can be difficult, and overwhelming. That is why we provide customized Executive Leadership Coaching that provides the needed skills and vision to excel as a confident, capable leader.


There is power in positive thinking and confidence. Realize your potential, and gain confidence in your ability to succeed. Our Life Coaching process brings your possibilities to light, encouraging you to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve greatness. We also provide coaching geared toward the difficulties associated with transitioning up the leadership hierarchy.


To learn more about our services, please email support@eliteprocoach.com, call and leave a message via toll free: (855) 534-8464, or by submitting your previous resume for a customized proposal. We are looking forward to supporting your career development.

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Senior 10-20 years

Director VP-Level 20+ years

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