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We are proud to present 50 insightful writings concerning the art of Leadership, Professional Coaching for Career Development, and issues around personal and professional development at NO-COST to you.

The following information is provided to you through many hours of research and specialization. We agree that you will enjoy your time analyzing the following valueable thought-Leading materials as so many others have enjoyed.

01. Career Coaching for Success in a Changing World

02. The Blame Game

03. Participative Management and Leadership Success

04. Leadership Matters

05. Strategy Framework for Leadership Coaching

06. We Are All Leaders

07. Changing the Way the World Works

08. Becoming a Coaching Client

09. 27 Must-Read Leadership Books

10. 25 Most Common Interview Questions

11. Choices

12. Professional Coaching Explained

13. Positive Influence of Positive Words

14. Ladder of Inference: Creating Effective Communication in Organizations

15. Affinity of Power

16. S.M.A.R.T. Goals Explained

17. 80/20 Principle – Free e-book (Get more Results with Less effort)

18. Negotiate Like a Pro: Quick List of Negotiating Tips

19. Lead with Purpose

20. Actionable Takeaways from the Book: REWORK

21. What is business and Why Does it Exist?

22. Escape from Freedom

23. Multi-rater Feedback 360° Performance Feedback in Action

24. The Professional Coaching Process Explained

25. What is Leadership Development?

26. List of Energizing Words

27. Competitive Advantage for Human Behavior

28. Entrepreneurship is Leadership

29. Elite Team Development

30. Evil Motivation of Money

31. Change Crisis: The End of the Pension Era

32. Overcoming Adversity Part 1 of 2

33. Overcoming Adversity Part 2 of 2

34. Leadership Dilemma: The American Leadership Paradox

35. Political Power Struggle, Corruption, and Unemployment

36. Transparency

37. Feelings vs. Emotions

38. Business Plan: Follower Development

39. From Fired to Empowered

40. One Percenters

41. Emotional Intelligence in a Nut-Shell

42. Reality vs Fantasy: Are they the same?

43. Why Coaching?

44. Is Wall Street to Blame?

45. Time: What is the Value?

46. Adapt or Perish – Maybe

47. Change, vision, Leadership

48. Win victory in war & life from the chronicles of Sun-Tzu

49. Origins of Personal Development

50. Behaviors of a Leader


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  • Our Purpose: To develop better Leaders, better People, more Career Satisfaction & more Successful Living.

The finest business development consultant providing elite business development consulting and business coaching services which include management coaching, corporate training, career coaching, and executive coaching. Elite Pro Coach Company offers your own personal life coach, leadership coach, and coach training that leads to executive coaching certification endorsed by the Elite Pro Coach Company leading to an accreditation from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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